Dafna Maimon – The Household Musical

Dafna Maimon – The Household Musical

Dates and times: Saturday 15.6.2024 at 14:00 and Sunday 16.6.2024 at 14:00
Location: Villa Skeppet (Ekenäs)
Language: English
Length: 3,5 h (ongoing, audience is admitted every 35 minutes, max. 10 people per session)
Price: 0 €
Admission is free, but advance booking is required.
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Additionally, on Sunday, June 16th, there will be a round-trip bus transportation between Helsinki and Ekenäs, for the price of 10€. This service will be free of charge for participants of Hangö Teaterträff (limited availability).
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The Household Musical depicts a household, a domestic space and its inhabitants as one interconnected organism that is a “feeling” rather than a “thinking” being. Absurd, unpredictable musical scenes echo the banality of the organism’s everyday life; they exist in an altered dimension where their speech is hijacked and transformed into a melodic verbalising. The work combines somatic choreography, philosophy and “stream-of-consciousness-singing”, a method developed to explore the relationship between consciousness, emotions, body, voice and environment.

The experimental durational performance is staged in Villa Skeppet, Ekenäs, the smallest private home designed by Alvar Aalto. By dissolving art, life and the public into a situation of hospitality, the relational intimacies of a household are explored within the performance as an allegory for the confused, current-day human organism.

The Household Musical is a project by artist Dafna Maimon, whose work mutates between performance, video, drawing and installation. Maimon is particularly interested in diverse forms of community, belongingness, and long-term collaborative processes. For this performance, she has recruited a trusted group of fellow performers to develop and bring the inner workings of this household organism to life.

Jessica Gadani is a singer/performer originally from Upstate New York. She received a classical singing education at Ithaca College in New York State. She sang in many opera productions in the USA as mezzo-soprano and now works as a freelance singer and performer in Berlin.

Justin F. Kennedy is a Berlin-based community dance and vocal artist, teacher, DJ and dramaturg from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. Justin’s research pursues transformation and emerges from a durational dance and singing practice.

Anne Pajunen is a Finnish actor, dancer and choreographer working in Brussels. Her work moves in between dance and theatre and focuses on the dialogue of text and movement.

Leah Katz is a Massachusetts, USA native living in Berlin, Germany. Trained as a dancer and a founder of the Berlin Comedy Club, Leah is interested in pursuing movement and performance in all of its forms and possibilities.

Organiser: Villa Skeppet / Dafna Maimon
In collaboration with: Pro Artibus
Supported by: Sophie von Julin Foundation, Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, Konstsamfundet

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