Two main themes dominated the life of Göran Schildt: his compassion for sailing and his love for the Mediterranean culture. In Villa Skeppet, both of his passions are apparent in the architecture and the furnishings.

The most dominant feature of the building is the ceiling of the living room which reminds one of a large sail. It is as if a mainsail links the two different natures of the house.

The interior spaces are divided into different levels, interlinked by semi-open areas. Rooms on the lower floor are of a private character: the kitchen with the dining room, the bedroom and the harmonious study on the eastern side of the garden. The ceiling, stretching over the stairs to the living room and the high entrance hall, gives the house its distinctive spatial character.

The carefully-planned courtyard and garden form a closed space that is surrounded by the main house, the sauna and the shed. In the centre of the garden lies an organically-formed water lily pond.

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