Sustainability – the essence of our values

Sustainability – the essence of our values

We value tolerance and human rights as well as the nature. Our founder Göran Schildt was a humanist and an author that often criticized the way our planet was treated. His values permeate our work.

We respect the cultural heritage

Our most important mission is to preserve and protect Villa Skeppet for the future, both regarding the building and its surroundings. We have just (2019–2020) finished an extensive restoration project where only necessary measures were taken. Today Villa Skeppet is open to the public and offers insight into Alvar Aalto’s architecture as well as the daily life of author Göran Schildt and his wife Christine. The house can be considered as a complete work of art combining the friendship between Alvar Aalto and Göran Schildt.

We promote welfare, human rights, and equality

We treat our employees, visitors, and locals equally and with respect. We pay fair wages and educate our personnel regularly. We take special needs into consideration and arrange visits according to this. Everyone is welcome to visit despite their background. We annually arrange two open house events with free entrance.

We take care of nature

We preserve the nature around Villa Skeppet and the garden is a true oasis. The beautiful waterlily pond is the essence of life for many species. We have also acquired a small piece of forest next to Villa Skeppet so that we can preserve the beautiful milieu around the house. This enhances and protects the biodiversity in our area.

We co-operate fairly

We co-operate with local cultural operators and entrepreneurs. We recommend our visitors to experience other cultural activities in the Raseborg area. We also recommend local restaurants and cafés to our visitors.

We prefer locally produced

First and foremost, we engage local entrepreneurs and businesses from the Raseborg area whenever possible. Both our cleaning and janitorial services comes from small local businesses.

We take climate actions

We have calculated our carbon footprint. We follow up on water, electric and use of heating. We use led lights and all electricity comes from renewable sources. We have district heating from Raseborgs Energi and their aim is to be emission free in 2030. We recycle and do not use disposables.

In February 2023 we received the Good Travel Seal certificate. We will continue to work for a sustainable future and improve our climate actions on a yearly basis according to our sustainability plan.

This work will never stop.

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