Information for visitors

Information for visitors

Information to help you prepare for your visit

Table of content:

1. Visiting with children
2. Buying tickets
3. Arriving
4. Entrance and museum shop
5. Toilets
6. Start of the tour
7. During the tour
8. End of the tour
9. The garden

Children are welcome to take part in the guided tour. However, the museum part of the house is not accessible with a stroller. If you have a stroller, you can leave it at the entrance. There is also a museum bingo for children – ask the guide for more details. Please supervise your children closely when walking in the garden, as the waterlily pond is one meter deep in places.

Advance tickets are available on our webshop. All tickets include a guided tour, as Villa Skeppet can not be visited independently. Guided tours are in English; Finnish and Swedish are available on request.

Tickets are also available at the entrance, but booking by phone or email is recommendable as the tour is limited to a maximum of 10 persons.

Villa Skeppet is located at Snäcksundsvägen 8. A walk from the Ekenäs train station takes about 20 minutes. Kindly use local transportation when possible. There is a parking area in the near vicinity of the house. Bicycles can be parked outside the museum shop.

The entrance and the museum shop are in the former garage of the house. Register at the front desk if you have pre-booked your ticket. You can leave your coat at the entrance, and there are also lockers for bags and other belongings. The upper lockers also have sockets for charging your mobile devices. For safety reasons, large bags and rucksacks can not be taken into the house.

The customer toilet is at the entrance. Unfortunately, there is no baby changing room or accessible toilet at Villa Skeppet.

The main entrance of the house is next to the garage. There is a few meters walk outside from the garage to the main entrance. There are three steps in front of the main door. Please ask the guide for help if you need support taking the steps. Shoe covers are available at the door. Alternatively, you can take your shoes off when entering the house. You are welcome to bring your own wool socks or slippers to make you more comfortable during the tour. There are chairs at the entrance where you can sit while you take off your shoes or put them on again. 

The tour starts in the lobby. There are four steps from the door to the lobby and a handrail to hold onto for support. There are ten more steps from the lobby up to the living room. These steps also have a hand support.

The guide tells you about the history of the house, its interior design, and its architecture, as well as the Schildts life and the friendship between Alvar Aalto and Göran Schildt. You are not allowed to take pictures inside the house. We must also ask you not to touch the interior or sit on the furniture. If you get tired during the tour, the guide will bring you a chair. Please let the guide also know if you need to leave before the tour has ended. 

Villa Skeppet’s interior is original, and it is our mission to preserve it as carefully as possible.

At the end of the tour, we return to the lobby, and you are welcome to ask any questions you have. We also invite you to sign our guest book. The shoe covers can be left in a basket by the door. This is the perfect time to visit the museum shop or the garden.

You can freely take pictures in the garden and stroll around at your own pace. It is situated behind the main building and you can access it by walking around the sauna building on the far right side of the facade.

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